Feeling Fat? These YouTube Channels Helped Me Lose Over 100 lbs.

Formal education is fine, but it is not the only way to acquire knowledge. Much can be learned online for free, and YouTube is a must-have resource for those seeking to improve their fitness and overall health.

There is a lot of information to go through. I have gone through quite a bit of it as I lost over 100 lbs. and kept it off for over 9 years. After countless hours of exploration, I wholeheartedly recommend these YouTube channels to anyone looking to shed some weight and keep it off.

They helped me. Maybe they can help you:

1. ATHLEAN-X by Jeff Cavaliere

If you have not seen any of his videos yet, you are becoming more of the minority. As of writing this blog post, ATHLEAN-X has 7,930,234 subscribers… clearly the word is out!

And for good reason! The quality of the information that he shares with the world, for FREE, is astounding. Couple that with 10 years’ worth of consistent uploads and you have yourself a monstrous catalog of health and fitness information at your disposal.

This is information he uses to help train professional athletes, and he makes it available and accessible to anyone… WOW!

I have been watching Jeff for years and credit much of what I know about health, fitness routines, and avoiding injury with proper form to him. His authenticity, expertise, extensive catalog, and willingness to be a little goofy make him a must watch.

2. BUFF DUDES by Hudson and Brandon White

B.U.F.F. = Better Understanding of Food and Fitness

-Hudson and Brandon White

I love these guys. Aside from being two pretty buff dudes, they are more than just a channel to learn about lifting weights. Their food recipes are awesome and they have branched out into more professional videos spoofing gym culture and the fitness world in general.

Humble, hardworking, honest, knowledgable, entertaining, funny, authentic and sincere… there is much to like about them. The old-school animations and sound effects also get a big double thumbs up from me!

3. OMARISUF by Omar Isuf

What’s crackin guys? Fat, Broke and Stupid here with another recommendation. I have followed Omar for quite a while. Omar is all about Athletic Asthetic: a hybrid of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

You can build muscle and get functionally stronger at the same time. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and the information he shares in his videos is top notch. Check him out!


4. THE HODGE TWINS by Kevin and Keith Hodge

Watch this channel and you gonna make all kindz uh gainz!

Yes, they are jacked. Yes, they know their way around a gym. Yes, they are twins. More importantly, these guys are hilarious. Their commentary and catchphrases are over-the-top funny!

They have branched out into new territory on YouTube over the years, but their health and fitness related videos remain an entertaining and motivating source of information. I highly suggest watching them, especially the older videos.

But that’s just my advice… do whatever the [email protected]#$ you wanna do!

Jack Clancy

Everything I do is focused on this concept: "To inspire personal change, so that together we can become the people we wish to be."

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